Justin Kazmierczak

  • Who I AM:: I am a very trustworthy person and I am strong in what I believe. I am also a dreamer and have been planning to bring my dreams a reality.What astonishes me Millions of people have a small understanding of the universe, I am one of them. What really astonishes me is that their IS all this fantastic good in buffalo and the entire world but every major news company and lots of people focus on the small bad part of buffalo and the us. What I do I do a whole lot. I work with small companies in buffalo that feel this city has a potential to grow into a great entertainment city, because of the great architecture, the wonderful cultures, and the great people that make buffalo exciting. I work with a local performing arts company and help them with there shows. I recently did some work with a film company and helped them film some shots and helped them film some awesome green screen shots. I really enjoyed the turn out on those shots. Wait, anything else?:: I run a very small and tiny entertainment company at 4egtv.net. The company just started to film some stuff. I plan on filming some awesome series and movies in the near future.
  • Representing: 716area.com
  • Gender: Male, Status: Single

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