If you’re ready to sell your home in Buffalo, you’ll want it to look as good as possible so that potential home buyers are impressed. It’s going to take some work to make sure your home is ready for touring. The purpose of staging your home is to ensure the décor and overall appearance highlights its best features.

Interestingly, the National Association of Realtors reported that nearly 50% of buyers' agents believe staging had an affect on their client’s desire to purchase a home, so consider these tips for staging your home in Buffalo.

De-Personalize Your House

One of the reasons why staging is important is because it helps buyers looking for housing in Buffalo visualize themselves in the house, which is the main goal of house tours. When your home has a neutral appearance, there’s a greater chance that it will appeal to potential home buyers. The way to de-personalize your house is by removing photos, religious symbols, artwork, and similar items.

Eliminate Clutter

When staging your home, you want to go for a minimalist approach. When you’re decluttering, you’ll need to eliminate items unnecessary items that are immediately visible as well as those that are inside of closets.

Many potential home buyers are eager to see the amount of storage space inside of closets, so they'll definitely open doors. You can put your belongings in a storage unit until your property sells.

Deep Clean Your House

The type of cleaning required when you’re staging your home is likely to be a much deeper level of cleaning than you’ve ever had to do. It requires you to clean every inch of your home, including all surfaces, baseboards, ceilings, blinds, and everything in between. The level of cleaning required when you’re staging your house is much like the cleaning you do when you’re moving into a new property.

Make Small Repairs

Just about all homes have minor repairs that need to be made. When staging your home, you’ll need to take care of those repairs, even though they’re minor. This might include removing scuffs and scratches from walls as well as fixing a faucet leak.

These are the kinds of repairs that shouldn’t cost a lot of money but can make a big difference because individuals looking for housing in Buffalo really don’t want to see anything that’s broken in the house.

Focus on First Impressions

Just like in other areas of life, first impressions matter. This includes everything that a potential home buyer will see when they arrive to your property such as the landscaping and any decorations. To ensure a great first impression, you should mow the lawn, pull weeds, plant flowers, paint the front door, and remove any seasonal decorations.

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